Professional stun gun,electric lighter,high voltage transformer manufacturer since 1990

We focus on various high voltage module customization and service for 30 years

, and its application fields are extensive.

The igniter products produced by our company are applied for:

①Agriculture and forestry machinery, such as: fog machine, mist machine, pepper cutter, grain dryer and other agricultural and forestry machinery.
②Garden machinery: such as: lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws and other garden machinery.
③Wedding equipment: for example: electronic salute machine, electronic firecracker, fireworks controller and other wedding equipment.
④Gas stove: for example: frying stoves, gas burner, gas stoves, industrial boiler,water heaters and other burning appliances.
⑤Mist& Smoke Sprayer igniter has a very good brand effect. The high quality mist igniter uses imported capacitor for continuous ignition for 2 hours.

The company's high voltage generator is widely used.

⑥Security equipment: such as: tasers, electric batons, stun guns, inspection instruments and other security equipment.
⑦Arc lighters: electronic igniters such as arc lighters.
Multi-functional high voltage generator is used in electric mosquito swatter, mousetrap, scientific experiment, primary school physics experiment, medical equipment, electrostatic adsorption, electrostatic dust removal and other fields.

High Voltage Generator


ARC Lighter
Electric Mosquito Racket
Self Defense Tools
High Voltage Generator
Stun Gun
Police Baton
Electronic USB Lighter
Candle Lighter
Arc Lighter Transformer
Wedding Equipment Igniter
High Voltage Ignition Coil
Electric Livestock Prodder
Electric Fence Energizer