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Several ways to eat persimmon

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Do you still remember the news I wrote some time ago about the persimmon trees in our step up module factory. Today, let me tell you a good news. The Persimmon in our High pressure generator module factory is ripe. Although it is not very red and still have a little green, it will mature quickly as long as it is put together with apples or bananas. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co.,Ltd has 32 years of production experience, and the products produced have quite stable quality. We have more than 60 sets of automatic production equipment and a production workshop of more than 20,000 square meters. We not only have a large production area, but also have very good quality. We also have a large planting area. The fruits we grow are also quite beautiful and delicious. What's more, the fruits we grow are the same as the products we produce. The quality is quite high. The fruits we grow are pure natural, without pesticide or pigment. Each bite is the taste of nature. The products we produce are all made of high-quality raw materials, and all the raw materials we purchase will be strictly tested in the high voltage inverter factory.

Let's take a look at our garden-like factory.

step up modulehigh voltage inverter

It can also be put into a rice jar or coated with a layer of white wine around the persimmon. Next, you just need to wait patiently, about a week or so, and you will be able to eat sweet and delicious persimmons.

Of course, there are many other ways to eat persimmons, such as persimmon cakes and persimmon cakes, which are quite delicious.

Welcome to our city and taste delicious persimmons with us.

After a while, oranges will be ripe.  our high voltage inverter factory will send oranges again soon. The oranges planted in our boost step up power module factory are also very sweet. Full of the smell of nature.

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