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Small Size plasma lighter transformer

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Good news: our technical department has developed a new product, a very small Size Dual plasma arc igniter. The Size of this plasma lighter transformer is much smaller than that of our previous arc generator transformer. Below is a comparison photo.

So will the product be smaller in size,smaller in power and worse in performance? 

plasma arc igniter

Although the product size is smaller, but the performance is more stable.

Do you know the Production process of the arc ignition transformer.

plasma lighter transformer

Let's reveal the production process of the plasma arc igniter. First of all, there is a small coil in it. This small coil is wound by a fully automatic machine. This fully automatic assembly line can produce more than 20,000pcs every day. We have four such assembly lines, which can ensure that we can deliver the goods on time. The assembly line will automatically detect and pick out the bad coils during the production process.

arc generator transformer

In order to fully guarantee the production quality of the plasma lighter transformer and enable you to obtain satisfactory products, we will manually test the welding again. After the welding is completed, we will test it again, and then use the fully automatic assembly line to seal it. To ensure the appearance quality and internal quality of the arc generator transformer.

What are the usage of such a small arc ignition transformer?Suitable for arc lighter, teaching instrument, electrostatic adsorption, scientific experiments,moxibustion instrument,Honeycomb Sterilization,Magic props,or other gas-fueled equipment,electronic DIY, product development, high voltage electronic security,etc.

The arc generator transformer is shock-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and is not easily damaged.
Built-in integrated epoxy packaging circuit board, with stable performance
High quality material can make sure the durability and stability of the plasma lighter transformer.
Reasonable design and processing, easy to install and remove.

We have many different design,please feel free to contact with us,let's talk about the product details.Looking forward to cooperation with you for long time.


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