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electrostatic high voltage generators

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Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD has been committed to high-voltage electrostatic generators for many years, and we have a complete product production chain and a professional R & D department. Continuous use of new technology to develop new application areas, timely provide solutions to meet customer needs. After continuous testing process, we have developed high voltage generators with obvious electrostatic effect, and many manufacturers have applied it on their own products, such as Electrostatic can making machine, electrostatic spraying equipment high voltage transformer,Electrostatic High Voltage Transformer for Agricultural Sprayer, and the response is very good. Our electrostatic high voltage generators have covered most of the European and American markets.


High-voltage electrostatic generator is the main accessory of electrostatic generator power sprayer to produce electrostatic effect. It is not only suitable for handheld, backpack, handle and other electrostatic sprayers, but also for other electrostatic industrial fields, such as drones, air conditioning electrostatic devices, indoor disinfection, oil fume purification equipment, electrostatic powder coating gun, high voltage electrostatic power supply for meat preservation, large electrostatic spraying equipment. Working temperature: 5℃-45℃, non-working ambient temperature of 95℃.


Any product need to use electrostatic high voltage generators, Jiangsu Tianwang can be customized for you, welcome to consult.

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