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EE13 High Frequency Magnetic Ferrite Core Transformer

1.5V 3V 5V high voltage pulse transformer.TW-085  High Frequency Magnetic Ferrite Core Transformer
 is widely used in wireless transmission of pulse igniter , negative ion circuit board, ozone power supply, distributor and other High Voltage Transformer for Electronic Pulse Igniter.we can customized gas stove pulse igniter as your photos or samples,please feel free to contact with us.


The main models of our company's products are: EE.EI.EF.EFD.EPC.EC.ED.ER.EM.PQ.POT.ETD.EDR.RM.UU. Ring. Etc. It is mainly applicable to switching power supply, charger, household appliance, computer, communication, network, lighting and other industries.


Electronic Magnetic EE13 Transformer is a customized product, please provide product specification parameters or samples, we will sample you according to your needs.



1.How much is this product?

High Voltage Transformer for Electronic Pulse Igniter are customized products. Even if the unit prices of products of the same model are different, the specific price depends on the complexity of the parameters and process of your products. Please provide the parameters and process requirements of the products when making an inquiry.


2.Can you tell me your delivery time?
Samples are sent out within 1-3 working days.

Mass production shall be issued within 7-10 working days after the order is confirmed.



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