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12V pulse igniter for bird repellent

Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pulse high voltage power supply for bird repellent
,pulse igniter for bird repellent and high voltage pulse generator ,high voltage transformer for bird repeller integrating research and development, production and sales.

Our company has 32 years of professional production experience of high voltage transformer for bird repeller, and has more than 60 sets of production equipment, which can ensure the product performance and deliver time at the same time.


Product Name

12V Adjustable high voltage transformer for bird repeller

Product Size


Input Voltage


Output Voltage 






Stripping Length


Input Wire Length


Output Wire Length


Input wire diameter


Output wire diameter



*The above parameters are measured manually/with an error of 10%. Please understand



Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has 32 years of professional high voltage pulse generator. production experience and a professional and independent research and development team, which can quickly and efficiently develop the products needed by customers. Before production, it can provide professional 2D and 3D design drafts and 3D proofing. Effectively avoid various problems that may occur in mass production.

Product advantages of pulse igniter for bird repellent:

1.The product is encapsulated by epoxy potting process. The epoxy resin is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and low temperature, with good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation and insulation performance,which can effectively prolong the service life of the product, and also effectively prevent the product from aging, waterproof and moisture-proof. With the addition of adjustable resistance, the service life and stability of the pulse high voltage power supply for bird repellent are improved, and short circuit and leakage phenomenon will not occur in humid and low temperature environments, to some extent, the safety of the product is improved.


2. The core components of the high voltage pulse generator of the bird expeller are made of imported components. The input voltage of the pulse high voltage power supply for bird repellent is 12V, the adjustable resistance performance is stable, and the damage rate of the high voltage transformer for bird repeller is low.


3. Jiangsu Tianwang has long-term manufacturing experience of pulse igniter for bird repellent electronic boost module. According to the ignition characteristics of electric bird-repellent, it can realize high output voltage, instant ignition and fast bird-repellent.

1. How long does the pulse igniter for bird repellent work?

A: You can work continuously for several hours.


2. How to connect the bird-repellent electronic boost module?

Answer: the input line is red and black thin (red, positive, black and negative)


3. How to adjust the adjustable resistance of the electric bird expeller?

The range is 0-20K, and the product is easy to break down when it is adjusted to 0. For details, please consult the customer service of Tianwang.


4. Will bird repellent hurt birds?

No, it just plays a driving role and does not hurt the birds.


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