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Factory Direct Sell High Voltage Module Insect Lamp Accessory Pressure Inverter Transformer Boost Module DC3.7V 11KV

The main function of the High Voltage Module Insect Lamp Accessory is to generate a high voltage electric field to attract insects and kill them. It is the core component of the insecticidal lamp and the key to the effective killing of pests by the insecticidal lamp.



The advantages of the insecticidal lamp high voltage generator are:

1. High-efficiency insecticide: The High Voltage Module Insect Lamp Accessory can generate a voltage of up to 11,000 volts, which can kill insects after they are attracted to them.

2. Low energy consumption and environmental protection: The Insecticidal Lamp Transformer is driven by low voltage, which can save electric energy, and at the same time does not produce harmful gases, no pollution, and meets environmental protection requirements.

3. Long life: The Insecticidal Lamp generator adopts high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and the life span is tens of thousands of hours, which greatly reduces the cost of use.

In short, the insecticidal lamp high-voltage generator is an important part of the insecticidal lamp. It can kill pests efficiently, environmentally friendly and with a long life. It is an important tool for modern indoor and outdoor pest control.


insecticidal lamp high voltage generator


Item No. High voltage transformer for insecticidal lamp
Input Voltage 3.7V
Output Voltage 11KV
Working Current 2.7A
Maximum Power ≈10W
Dimension 66*42.5*30 (±1mm)
Power Line Φ2.0×250 (±5mm)
Output Line Φ3.0×250 (±5mm)
Output Voltage Regulation The voltage has been adjusted to the maximum. When the voltage is reduced, it must be adjusted counterclockwise. When the voltage is increased, it must be adjusted clockwise.


High Voltage Module Insect Lamp Accessory


Application Areas:
Agricultural,Garden,Animal Husbandry,Electronic Fence,City and Countryside,Insecticide Lamp


Insecticidal Lamp Transformer

Insecticidal Lamp generator


High Voltage Module


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