Professional stun gun,electric lighter,high voltage transformer manufacturer since 1990

Two layers mesh, mute without dropping or shattering, Healthy and Eco-friendly.
A good flapper is the one that can absorb the flies.

Focus on mosquito killer racket for 20 years, selling well in more than 30 countries all over the world

Unique features of TW electric mosquito rackets


1.Stainless galvanized wires are individually arranged in row by hand.
2.High voltage circuit is adopted to produce DC 6KV, so that the pests are absorbed by the electrostatic and killed effectively.
3.Killing wide range of pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders and other unpopular pests.
4.To produce ozone and negative oxygen ions, helping in disinfection.
5.Eco-friendly, no odor, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
6.Two layers mesh. Safe for human. (avoid touching both of the nets at the same time when the racket is working.)

Electric Mosquito Swatter


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