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High Voltage Generator for Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun

Negative Ion Electrostatic Spray Gun High Voltage Module



Name Electrostatic High Voltage Module
Input voltage 12V, 15V, 18V, 21V
Output voltage  0-30KV
Power  20-30W
Size 115*30*25mm
Terminal 2-core, 3-core, 4-core
Feature Stable output voltage


The above parameters are used differently according to the different configurations of electrostatic generator circuit board, electrostatic powder spray gun transformer.



The built-in electrostatic high voltage module has stable performance and is not easy to burn. The extreme high voltage part is concentrated in the front of the spray gun, which can effectively guarantee personal safety, reduce the electrostatic diffusion range, improve the utilization rate, and improve the powder loading rate.





1.Build in electrostatic powder spray gun power supply has long working life
2. Stable power output
3. Long service life of electrostatic high voltage module.


What are the main applications of static electricity?
1. Electrostatic precipitator air purifier
2. Electrostatic copying and printing technology
3. Electrostatic spraying
4. Electrostatic spinning
5. Electrostatic flocking machine

How it works?

All the spray droplets are pumped through an electrostatic charging ring and then exist through the nozzle

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