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Atomizing oil igniter

12V Adjustable Atomizing Oil Igniter, mainly used for gas, fuel oil industry burner automatic ignition, the ignition of the torch has the advantages of reliable ignition, long life, ignition end high temperature resistance, anti-coking, with self-cleaning ability


12V Adjustable Atomizing Oil Igniter, mainly used for gas, fuel oil industry burner automatic ignition, the ignition of the torch has the advantages of reliable ignition, long life, ignition end high temperature resistance, anti-coking, with self-cleaning ability, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, environmental energy and other industries. It is composed of two parts: igniter housing and ignition cable.

  • Adjustable atomizing oil igniter Technical parameters

1, input voltage: 12V (can be customized)  

2, output voltage: 15KV (adjustable)  

3, working current: 70-140mA  

4, resistance regulator: clockwise voltage adjustment is large and counterclockwise voltage adjustment is small  

5, adapt to fuel: gas, light oil, heavy oil  

6, input line: white diameter 2.0 * 200MM  

7, output line: diameter 6.8*320MM and 2.2* 230MM  

8. Copper core wire: diameter 0.15mm *11pcs  

9, overall size: 595mm*305mm*300mm 

Use of atomizing oil igniter

1、Before ignition, make sure that the furnace is cleaned without residual combustible gas.  Prevent deflagration and other safety accidents at the beginning of ignition.

2、When ignition, should first turn on the ignition device, and then spray oil (gas) ignition.

3、The ignition is used in fuel ignition, fuel atomization should be good, atomization quality is too poor to affect the success rate of ignition.  After the ignition is completed, the ignition rod must be withdrawn from the flame combustion zone by thruster or manual operation to ensure the service life of the ignition rod. 

4、When the fuel is ignited, the firearm is turned off.  In order to avoid long time continuous ignition caused by internal components burned out, the igniter a continuous ignition do not exceed 10 seconds.


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